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Trail Update -  OUR TRAILS are open but we must stress that you need to use EXTREME caution as there are trees down in some areas, washouts no base yet and visibility is marginal!!! The one area that we know of for sure that there was problems with as of yesterday is at the Dryden Side of Hammond Hill, 2 vehicles got stuck on the trail and although we can get around them with sleds they broke through the ice and this could be very dangerous if you are not going slow and using caution. Also a BIG reminder at the end of flat iron road the trail has been re-routed to the edge of the road, Do NOT go in the landowners field or they will call the authorities. The trails has been CLEARLY marked at both ends and we cannot afford to loose any more trails so STAY ON THE TRAILS please and if you see any other issues/concerns contact one of our trail bosses. Enjoy and have fun but most importantly BE SAFE!!!

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      • Club Meeting - 2/7/18 @ Dryden VFW

DC Drifters

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 Trails are currently Open pending enough snow!

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